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    Rendering artifacts on 6xxx GPUs



      I need some help with the following issue:

      Our DirectX 9 based software shows rendering artifacts with the new Radeon 6xxx cards. Simply drawing meshes in the FFP (no shader applied) causes occasional and random flickering of certain meshes or they are drawn displaced. We draw the meshes by simply calling ID3DXBaseMeshrawSubset() - no magic involved! This problem was introduced with the 6xxx GPUs - no problems with older AMD cards or other vendors.
      Screenshots are here: http://forum.ventuz.com/forums/5988/ShowPost.aspx

      The first image shows correct rendering, the other two have artifacts on the left side. We currently cannot recommend 6xxx cards to our customers.
      I would appreciate any advice how to track down this problem.


      Karol Strozynski