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    CA(Windows): Module not found - records wrong folder names in session files

      Cannot navigate to DLLs, "Module not found" error (part. Solution)

      My Visual Studio project is located on a virtual drive V: created via SUBST. This makes the project portable between computers.

      When I profile this project with CA 3.2 (latest build) the folder names for the executable and the DLLs are stored wrong in the session files. The correct files names are


      CA stores this name as


      The DLLs of the project are stored in


      but CA writes them as


      in the session.tdb file. The profiling works, but I cannot drill-down into the DLLs because I get the "module not found" error when CA tries to access one of the DLLs in the project.

      I could not get it to work with CA 3.2. With CA 2.76 however, I got it to work by manually correcting the folder names in the session.tdp file in Windows Notepad.

      After correcting the folder names, CA 2.76 was able to load the DLLs and to drill-down into the source code even.

      In the 3.2, correcting the wrong folder names did not change anything.

      Let me know if I can provide more info to help you to solve this. I see here on the forum that I'm not the only one with this problem.