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    VBO Error with MFC

      glGenBuffers return error 1281(0x00000501)


      I am not an OpenGL developer but an OpenCL developer but I need some OpenGL to display the computed result....

      I'm facing some troubles using the glGenbuffers with AMD cards (HD 5850) on Windows 7 64bits. The app is using the MFC (so maybe there 's a link ?).

      The code works like a charm with NVIDIA cards. And it's nearly OK with AMD gpu's on Windows XP 32bits; but it was working once only if i needed another VBO I had an error also.

      The following code return an error :

      GLuint Res = 0;
        _glGenBuffers(1, &Res);
        GLenum err = glGetError();




        • VBO Error with MFC

          0x0501 state for GL_INVALID_VALUE and it is generated when number of generated bufferes is negative.

          are you sure that this function call generate this error? because when OpenGL generate error it stay there until you reset it with glGetError(). and subsequent GL calls dont overwrite stored error code.

          • VBO Error with MFC

            Sorry my post has left the edition window before I finish to write it ...

            Can anyone can help me and have some good advices, modification to try or anything ?