VBO Error with MFC

Discussion created by Rom1 on Apr 26, 2011
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glGenBuffers return error 1281(0x00000501)


I am not an OpenGL developer but an OpenCL developer but I need some OpenGL to display the computed result....

I'm facing some troubles using the glGenbuffers with AMD cards (HD 5850) on Windows 7 64bits. The app is using the MFC (so maybe there 's a link ?).

The code works like a charm with NVIDIA cards. And it's nearly OK with AMD gpu's on Windows XP 32bits; but it was working once only if i needed another VBO I had an error also.

The following code return an error :

GLuint Res = 0;
  _glGenBuffers(1, &Res);
  GLenum err = glGetError();