Using GPU ShaderAnalyzer to check GLSL shader syntax on non-AMD system

Discussion created by sschuberth on Apr 21, 2011
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I'd like to use GPU ShaderAnalyzer's (GSA for short) command line interface to check the syntax of GLSL shaders on systems that no not have an AMD GPU inside. To do so, I was planning to call GSA in a pre-build step of my project, check its return code, and if its non-zero, dump any messages to the console. My guess was that the best ASIC target in such a case would be "IL", i.e. AMD's intermediate language for GPU shaders. "ALL" causes too much noise because it cannot compile for certain GPUs. So I took the example

GPUShaderAnalyzer Test.hlsl -Analyze Test.txt -Profile ps_3_0 -ASIC ALL

and replaced "ALL" by "IL". But oddly just leads to "No ASIC specified" being displayed on the console.

So, what would be a suitable combination of command line options for my use-case of SA?