Blocking parameter to clEnqueueReadImage() and clEnqueueWriteImage() ignored?

Discussion created by jbrussell on Apr 13, 2011
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Profiling is showing the same time whether blocking set to CL_TRUE or CL_FALSE

clGetEventProfilingInfo() shows the same time (421 nanoseconds for a 10 MB image, that's fast) for both clEnqueueWriteImage() and clEnqueueReadImage(), and the time doesn't change if blocking is set to true or false.  Linux, SDK 2.3, 5870 GPU.  Loading the same amount of data to global memory using clEnqueueWriteBuffer() takes approx 10 ms, which is in line with the pci-e bandwidth testing sample result of 0.8+ GB/s.  Is the blocking parameter ignored, or perhaps profiling not implemented for clEnqueueWriteImage()?