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    GPUPerfAPI 2.7 is now available


      GPU Developer Tools is pleased to announce that GPUPerfAPI 2.7 is now available from AMD Developer Central at:


      Version 2.7 contains the following updates:

      • New entrypoint for registering logging callback function for improved troubleshooting.
      • Adds support for AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series hardware.
      • New DepthAndStencil counters give more detailed understanding of HiZ behavior.
      • OpenGL:
        • Improved accuracy of depth, texture, busy, and stalled counters.
      • OpenCL:
        • FetchSize counter now reports the correct value.
      • DirectX 10/11:
        • Fixed support for AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series hardware.
        • Fixed support for Catalyst 11.2 drivers on AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series hardware.
        • GPUPerfAPI 2.7 is now available

          Should these new headers and libraries work as drop-in replacements from the v2.5 headers and libraries, or is there something I'm missing that needs to be changed?  I have some test code that basically just creates an OpenCL context and then gets information about the available counters that works fine with 2.5, but when I update the makefile to point to the 2.7 headers and libs, it explodes with a long list of errors like:


          In file included from /uf4/dsu9w/opencl/GPUPerfAPI-2.7.142-lnx/Include/GPUPerfAPI.h:29,
                           from myattempt_opencl.cpp:4:
          /uf4/dsu9w/opencl/GPUPerfAPI-2.7.142-lnx/Include/GPUPerfAPIFunctionTypes.h:33: error: typedef âGPA_GetNumCountersPtrTypeâ is initialized (use decltype instead)
          /uf4/dsu9w/opencl/GPUPerfAPI-2.7.142-lnx/Include/GPUPerfAPIFunctionTypes.h:33: error: âgpa_uint32â was not declared in this scope
          /uf4/dsu9w/opencl/GPUPerfAPI-2.7.142-lnx/Include/GPUPerfAPIFunctionTypes.h:33: error: âcountâ was not declared in this scope

          OS: Ubuntu 10.04
          Compiler: g++ 4.4.3

            • GPUPerfAPI 2.7 is now available


              Yes it should just be a drop in replacement for the previous version, but if you want to take advantage of the new logging callback feature, you'll need to make changes to use that.

              Please make sure that you are compiling with _LINUX as a preprocessor definition, as I know there are several different variations that are used.

              Good luck