Source file "SDKcommmon.hpp" missing?

Discussion created by dannymoon on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by himanshu.gautam
error occurred in VS2010 indicating the source head files are missing


I was trying to run some samples of APP SDK 2.3 in VS2010. The text editer indicates that source files like SDKCommon.hpp, SDKApplication.hpp, SDKFile.hpp cannot be opened. However, the application can be built and executed successfully, no error occurs during compilation. I wonder what the heck is wrong, and where these source head files are exactly included.

By the way, I'm using APP SDK 2.3 with catalyst 10.12 on Radeon HD 6550M. The error might has something to do with me overwriting the previous catalyst 11.3 before reinstalling 10.12. 

Hope SDK 2.4 can be released ASAP!