Is the memory limit being raised eventually?

Discussion created by galmok on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2011 by nou

Can we expect the memory allocation block limit to be raised beyond 128MB (on a 1GB 5870) and beyond 512MB (total)? I am asking this because we are doing some calculations that require much memory and well, 128MB isn't going to do it.

Just for comparison, I checked the GTX470 we have (1.28GB total memory) and we can allocate and use (verified) 1.1GB in one continous block of memory even though the GPU is the only display adapter in the pc (being used by windows 7 64-bit at the same time).

In that light, 128MB is a bit small...

I am aware of the environment variables, but they shouldn't really exist in the first place. Also, using them leads to unpredictable results.