PerfStudio frame profiler samples GPUTime incorrectly on HD2600

Discussion created by RacingPHT on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2011 by plohrmann


I tryed to profile some MS DXSDK samples, but the GPUTimer counter in Frame profiler always returns something like 4 million ms for every draw call. I'm using win7 64bit(but that also happens in vista 32) with a 11.3 driver, HD2600 and PerfStudio 2.5. Client and servers are running in a single system.


1: connect to CubemapGS sample in MS DX SDK.

2: pause, and select only GPUTime counter.

3: press Profile.

4: data displayed for all API calls are 4,454,040 ms.

Is that a known issue? Or did I miss anything?