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    GPU PerfStudio 2.5 is now available

      GPU PerfStudio 2.5


      GPU Developer Tools is pleased to announce that GPU PerfStudio 2.5 is publicly available from AMD Developer Central at:


      GPU PerfStudio 2.5 Improvements:

      1) New API Trace window

       * Displays a timeline which visually displays the start time and duration for each call made by the frame.
       * Displays a per-thread sequential list of calls made to render the frame.
       * Supports one-click two-way navigation between the time line and call list.
       * Supports multithreaded applications, displaying a separate API trace for each thread.
       * Supports saving API trace data to disk in XML format.
       * Supports searching the API trace for a given string.
       * Two-way integration with the Frame Debugger's draw call slider.

      2) DX11 Shader Editing

       * Edit and re-compile HLSL shader from inside PerfStudio's shader code window.
       * See the effect of your edits immediately in the running app.
       * Supports changing of compile flags.
       * Use in conjunction with the profiler to measure the performance changes of your edits.

      3) Automated Updater

       * The PerfStudio 2 client now checks to see if a newer version is available for download. A task bar pop-up window will alert the user if a new version is available.

      4) Improved support for more game applications.