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    Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?

      calDeviceGetCount() returns only 1 device


      as title states, anyone else having similar problems?

       It's kinda common situation with ATI GPUs under Windows that you're need to attach monitor/dummy plug to each GPU to make them visible for CAL layer. However, 5970 was detected as 2 CAL devices without any additional manipulations. With new fresh 6990 it isn't the case, so I'm curious is it some driver issues or I'm need to attach another monitor to some (erhm, there are of 5, which one to choose?) of mini jacks?

        • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?
          If the dummy plug is required, I believe it would only need to be attached to any one. It most likely is a driver issue, but I don't have any information on this.
            • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?

              After couple of reboots and driver sweeper I was able to get both cores detected.

              However I've got another problem -- when I've added 5970 to this system everything became much more complicated. Both GPUs having two cores and each GPU must have monitor attached. Anyway it isn't possible to use all 4 CAL devices for computations. When only primary GPU activated there are 2 CAL devices and everything works as intended. Once Windows display extended to second GPU (to make it visible to CAL layer) -- first call to LoadLibrary("aticalrt.dll") crashing my program.

              I have some feelings that 6990+5970 setup wasn't tested by AMD at all. Is it possible to combine 5xxx & 69xx famies within single system? I'm using Catalyst 11.2 drivers as latest 11.4 failed to work with 6990 & Vista at all.

                • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?

                  Just to add up: with Catalyst 11.2 I've faced problem with 2nd 6990 core (un)detection several times. With 11.3 it is no longer the case.

                  However, mix of 5970+6990 still not working with 11.3. No crashes this time, "just" a lock up. Year ago there were very similar problems with 4xxx+5xxx GPUs mix.

                    • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?


                      Thanks for reporting it.

                      Are you not able to any sample at all or facing problem with multigpu kernels?

                      Please provide the missing system configuration, so I can report it to the driver team.


                      GPU = 5970 + 6990

                      SDK ?

                      DRIVER = 11.2 & 11.3

                      OS = Vista( 32/64 ?)


                        • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?


                          Asus P5K + Intel Q6600

                          ATI 5970 + AMD 6990

                          SDK 2.4

                          Catalyst 11.2 (crash when calling LoadLibrary("atical*.dll"))

                          Catalyst 11.3 (lock up with first calInit() call)

                          Vista x64 SP2


                          Actually situation even more complex -- I was able to run calculations with 1 core of 5970 and 1 core of 6990 once. It happens when I've installed 5970 when 6990 was already installed and it lasts just until first reboot. But again, only 1 core of each GPU was visible. After reboot any sample using CAL/OpenCL locks up immediately after start if both GPUs attached to desktop. If I'm deattaching either 5970 or 6990 making other GPU primary display -- it's possible to use both cores of this GPU without any problems.

                            • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?

                              Thanks for the information. It has been passed to relevent persons.

                              • Anyone else having problems with 6990 under Vista?

                                I can't seem to get a 6990 and 5970 to cooperate together under 64-bit Windows 7, either.  My system info:

                                CPU = 2 x Xeon E5520

                                GPU = 5970 + 6990

                                SDK= v2.4 (595.10)

                                DRIVER = Catalyst 11.4 (3-21-2011)

                                OS = Windows 7 64-bit

                                If I have both video cards enabled at once (by having my desktop extended onto their associated monitors), any OpenCL program I launch simply freezes immediately. Doesn't matter what the program is. (For example, even the Geeks3D GPU Caps Viewer will not open unless I launch it through the "Start_Disable_OpenCL_Support.bat" batch file.)

                                If I disable the 5970 by disabling its monitor, I am able to start OpenCL programs but they only detect the 6990.

                                There is one exception: When I first boot the system with both cards enabled, if I log in as quickly as possible and immediately launch an OpenCL program, it can detect both cards for a fleeting instant. But this window of opportunity is incredibly short--if I even sit at the Windows 7 login screen for a few seconds, I can't do it. And I can never do it twice in one session; always have to reboot.

                                I'd be happy to try any ideas for workarounds you might have.