Double-precision and image support

Discussion created by douglas125 on Apr 1, 2011
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Which GPUs support these features?



I have seen in the specs that Radeon 6970 and 6950 support double-precision and images and I'm given to understand that CPUs will do so too in the near future.

1. My query refers to the Mobile versions and, of course, the Fusion ones: which Mobility cards/Fusion APUs support double-precision?

2. I failed to find a comprehensive list of all GPUs/CPUs/APUs and which OpenCL features they support/don't support. Would it be possible to provide a simple table with Device - Supported OpenCL features - Emulated OpenCL features - Never-to-be-supported OpenCL features?;

3. One more thing, will Radeons 47XX ever support image_2d, maybe even in an emulated lower-performance mode? If it doesn't demand too much effort I'd like to see it included in SDK 2.4 (I'm aware that it might not be worth the effort though but come on, just emulate it converting image_2d to float4s and replacing read_imagef and write_imagef properly).


Thanks for the time