ATI Fire Pro V4800 using with maya on Windows Win7 ultimate 64bit

Discussion created by jacke8824 on Mar 25, 2011
V4800 maya can't moving

      "I just got my new graphics card, an ATI FirPro v4800 1GB, and all seemed well. I got the catalyst and latest drivers installed. Did some test with PS everything is nice and crisp, messed around a bit in Topogun, everything worked great. But then I got to the important one, Maya2011 & 2010 of 64 bit. And for some reason I'm getting some seriously strange issues with translating verts. I've attached some pics of what's happening. It's like the verts are moving but the screen isn't refreshing or something, as the rest of the Geo remains behind.


Has anyone has this problem?

I'm also getting tearing in older versions of maya (2010).

This can be cured by setting my theme to windows classic, but that doesn't fix the verts issue. Well, I say verts. It's actually all components, faces, edges, etc.

Has anyone had this before? Is it fixable? Any help would be great!"

There is the same question with my Fri Pro V4800 Graphics, In maya i had moved the point but the surface can't moving as same, also i finshed moving point for a second the surface just moving to the point place. I just think this problem happend was the Graphics's drives. So i support the question for the dev person. Yours will bee solution my question.


*EDIT* My system specs (if thats any help):

I7 920 2.66Ghz
MSI X58 PRO Motherboard
4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
ATI FirePro v4800 1GB (obviously).
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit