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    CCC and HW accel video playback


      I would have two questions: could the HW accelerated codec of mp4 videos be a little more integrated into CCC and not have it as a seperate install package? (Have all the codec options avavilable inside CCC)

      Second question is: I know very little about codecs and movie playback, but could this codec be given a possible feature to enable frame interpolation? Most BD movies are 23-25 FPS, and such movies look significantly better on 100Hz+ TVs with interpolating technologies (even though it has it's drawbacks from time-to-time). Basically all computers use LCD displays with native 60Hz, twice the framerate of regular movies. If an intelligent interpolating technology could be incorporated into the codec, movies would look so much better on regular displays.

      It might be that the player requires to know the framerate for other reasons, but in this case I would recommend AMD to either create a good mediaplayer for it's own HW, or use OpenCL with cl_amd_media_inter_ops, or simply support groups such as VLC who have extremely good players, but GPU accel is very... experimental. (It stutters greatly for well explained reasons on it's twiki)

      These are my suggestions. I would welcome both user and corporate feedback.

        • CCC and HW accel video playback

          Forgive me for replying to my own thread, but after 884 views, I was hoping at least one person would take that 30 seconds and make an opinion. I know AMD forum admins have better things to do (although this topic was moved here just recently, so it must have been read by someone), but user feedback would also be welcome.

          I thought the idea was really good, but it seems it hasn't drawn much attention.