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    OpenCL and ADL


      Someone has an idea how I can solve my problem? I have the following configuration:

      1 x HD 3300 + 2 x HD 5700

      With OpenCL i can use the HD 5700's only since HD 3300 is not supported in OpenCL. But ADL supports the HD 3300. So i have 2 devices in Opencl but in ADL i have 3 devices.

      While my OpenCL app is running i want to read temp from GPU using ADL and then display the temp of each device to User.

      The problem is the mapping. How can i map between OpenCL and ADL device??

        • OpenCL and ADL
          I don't know about getting information on ADL devices, but you should be able to query the device names from OpenCL side and the ordering should remain constant. So the first HD5700 on the CL side should map to the first HD5700 on the ADL side.
            • OpenCL and ADL

              Hmm ok, i tried that and found out that the device names also do not match. On OpenCL the device name is "JUNIPER" while on ADL the device name is "ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series". Both adapter query-structures contain no matching unique ID i could use to map :-(