Another CAL Compilation hanging

Discussion created by llongeri on Mar 11, 2011
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This is another CAL source code that hangs both compiling from C or from the Stream Kernel Analizer 1.7


This is another code example that hangs the compiler, with the SDK 2.3.

It also hangs if I try to compile it within the Stream Kernel Analizer 1.7.

In this case the last 2 ishl instructions hang the compiler. In this case I am shifting left 24 bits. Previously I posted another code that did the equivalente by multiplying by 0x1000000 and also hanged the compiler.

dcl_num_thread_per_group 64
dcl_cb cb0[3]
dcl_literal l0, 5, 10, 0x100, 100
dcl_literal l1, 4, 3, 2, 1
dcl_literal l2, 0x10000, 1000, 24, 0
mov r0.x, vaTid.x
mov r0.y, vThreadGrpId.x
mov r0.z, vTidInGrp.x
umul r0.w, r0.x, l[0].x
iadd r1, r0.wwww, l[1]
iadd r2, cb0[0].xxxx, r1
iadd r3.x, cb0[0].x, r0.w
umod r4, r2, l[0].yyyy
umod r3.y, r3.x, l[0].y
udiv r5, r2, l[0].yyyy
udiv r3.z, r3.x, l[0].y
umod r6, r5, l[0].yyyy
umod r3.w, r3.z, l[0].y
umul r5, r6, l[0].zzzz
umul r3.z, r3.w, l[0].z
iadd r6, r4, r5
iadd r3.w, r3.y, r3.z
udiv r4, r2, l[0].wwww
udiv r3.y, r3.x, l[0].w
umod r5, r4, l[0].yyyy
umod r3.z, r3.y, l[0].y
umul r4, r5, l[2].xxxx
umul r3.y, r3.z, l[2].x
iadd r5, r6, r4
iadd r3.z, r3.w, r3.y
udiv r4, r2, l[2].yyyy
udiv r3.y, r3.x, l[2].y
umod r6, r4, l[0].yyyy
umod r3.w, r3.y, l[0].y
ishl r4, r6, l[2].zzzz
ishl r3.y, r3.w, l[2].z
iadd r6, r5, r4
iadd r3.w, r3.z, r3.y
mov g[r0.x], r6