Texture Compression

Discussion created by Haroogan on Mar 7, 2011
Where is it? :) ATI has removed S3TC support from high-end video cards?

Radeon HD 5870 here. Trying to compress textures using this graphics card and OpenGL.





I want to know how is it possible that so strong video card does not support texture compression... is it a joke? And yes, I have already tried to ignore the fact that it returns 0 and tried to compress the texture forcefully - ofcourse OpenGL returned an error...

In the specification to my graphics card, there is a note about "HDR Texture Compression" - is this what I want (I need S3TC as you might have guessed)? If yes, then why it doesn't work in OpenGL?

In any case, I want to know the essence of this problem: is it video card or is it OpenGL and why on earth could this happen?