When running LLNL VisIt based OpenGL on HD4870x2, whether corssfire tech will improve performance

Discussion created by scksz on Mar 5, 2011
Crossfire tech improve performance for MESA OpenGL programming? A HD 4870x2 can used like two cards on Linux?

I run LLNL VisIt 2.2.0 programming based MESA OpenGL with one HD4870x2 graphic card on Redhat ES 5.3. I want to know when crossfire is open, 1 GPU or 2 GPU work for this OpenGL programming?

And I try to modify xorg.conf, that contain of two Layout( named L1 and L2) and each use different one of HD4870x2's GPUs. from this xorg.conf, the systerm seems like have 2 card. But when VisIt call "xinit -- -layout L1" and "xinit -- -layout L2" at the same time, the system is down immidiately.

If I want to use one HD4870x2 like two grapyic card in order to aollowing VisIt call "xinit -- -layout L1" and "xinit -- -layout L2" at the same time, how can I configure my HD4870x2 and how modify xorg.conf? If when I run aticonfig cmd, I must add some special parameters?