AMD Radeon 6970 with 2x DVI-I wanted

Discussion created by djwig on Feb 24, 2011
Searching for a different Version of the AMD Radeon 6970

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this is my first thread and I want to say hello to everybody.


My problem: for building a Media Server that drives large scale LED Walls in TV Studios, we are searching for a new GFX Card. We tested the AMD Radeon 6970 with 2GB Ram, but the Version from Gigabyte we have here does only have 1xDVI-I (Dual Link) and 1x DVI-D (Single Link)

What we need is a version of that 6970 Card that has 2x DVI-I (Dual Link) to be able to output either e.g. 2560x1560 or even to adapt down to VGA


A Option via Adapters from Display Port to VGA / DVI is not acceptable for us.


The reference design is using 2x Display Port  , HDMI and the names DVI constallation.

I know that the 5870 does still offer 2xDVI-I (Dual Link), but it seems that this card will not be produced for the next 8-12 months.

We buy larger stocks of those cards (around 100) per 3-4 months, so this is an issue.

As far as I understand do also the 6800er cards have DVI-D (Single Link connectors)


Are there any plans or know modified versions of the 6900 Series that can help me out on this one.


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