Need advice on development system

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Seeking advice on the right development approach to use

<My first post here!>

I need advice on the right development system to use. I'm looking at coding for a 64-bit multi-core AMD system using C and assembly language. I will need to use special code for loading/freeing cache memory, and for getting many cores to play together, and for optimizing the code for each core.  

If cost is no limitation, should I go with a purchased (professional?) development system, such as MS Visual Studio?  Or should I try the free software provided on this website? 

I haven't used Linux, so I'm worried about the learning curve of setting up a dual-boot into Linux/Windows 7, and then also learning Linux, and then learning all the various download packages (concerning AMD & Linux).  At the moment it seems overwhelming. 

I need practical advice on the pros and cons of the various development approaches.

Thanks for your help!