HD 5650m support in Ubuntu 10.10 x64 and newer

Discussion created by abstractius on Feb 21, 2011
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I am posting here primarily because I couldn't see any other mechanism for Catalyst feedback to AMD. I am assuming I need X in order to use OpenCL, although as discussed 6 months ago modprobe should enable it, in principle.

I have tried most combinations of the latest Ubuntu distributions at 64 bits, including the 11.04 alphas with my Acer 5943G. Catalyst 11.2, which creates .deb packages successfully, segfaults after informing me that my AMD product is compatible, loading modules etc.  Catalyst 10.12, the "tested" one, I installed directly, no packages,I was informed of installing driver 8.801 on X 7.6 x64, informed me of DKMS problems and, on execution, segfaults again. My only guess at this stage is that the driver would be working with some older kernel or differently configured kernel, but I need clues to find out which.

It is annoying AMD does not have a more proper channel to collect these errors, and segmentation faults are so much 80's, is it too much to ask for programs to fail a bit more gracefully in 2011! The emergency desktop in which I am writing tried to execute the f_gears program too, and reported another seg_fault, would the architecture slow down if it had some nice error messages? Now, I understand segfaulting is good news and the core may be hiding some clues, but will there be some engineering interest? At first  thought there was something wrong with the xorg.conf, but looking around I see that aticonfig really does produce such minimalist files, without entries for resolution and bitdepths etc, looks like those are thing of the past?