Catalyst 11.2 and CLInfo max GPU freq reported

Discussion created by Raistmer on Feb 20, 2011
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reported freq never reached in computations...

Before upgrade to Catalyst 11.2 CLInfo reported 750MHz as Max GPU frequency and that was correct cause when GPU has work it operates on 750MHz and drops its freq to 500MHz when idle (HD4870).

But now, after update to Catalyst 11.2, CLInfo reports 790MHz as GPU max frequency. 790 is max value that can be set in Catalyst overdrive, it's never reached by GPU itself, it requires that user deliberately move Overdrive slider to that value.
That is, this reported 790MHz does not reflect actual GPU performance (that still operates on 750MHz or 500MHz when idle) in any way.

The question is: what rationale was behind this change in Catalyst 11.2
Why OpenCL applications are decived now with artifically high GPU clock frequency reported to them ???