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    Standard C language APIs for LAPACK


      LAPACK and Intel Math Kernel Library folks announced "standard C language API

      for Lapack" in its 3.3 version (lapacke.h  at netlib.org/lapack)

      Blas 1/2/3 was not mentioned (which is very surprising given Blas popularity...)

      I wonder if AMD crew has plans to adopt "the standard C language API" in future ACML versions?   Personally I am not effected much by it (usually I call straight fortran from C++ projects)  but it would be nice to adhere to a reasonably convenient universal standard - less porting efforts at some tiny expense of an extra function call.

        • Standard C language APIs for LAPACK

          I would realy like ACML to include the standard CBLAS package that MKL already includes.  I know we can just build it but many users are not that sophisticated.

          NAG has a nice C interface to LAPACK, but a standard one like you link to would be nice, I didn't know lapack 3.3 was out thanks for the info.

          Including a build standard of C interfaces where we can use Row Major and take it easy on extra _'s and references would be nice.  It is a pain in all libraries explaining this to gradstudents who have 4 years to get in and out.