broken OpenCL/OpenGL interopeability

Discussion created by nou on Feb 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by nou
on AMD CPU + nVidia GPU

just tryed my project on laptop with AMD+nVidia OpenCL.

first when both platforms are present (nVidia+AMD) it works only when i run throuth debugger. when i run normaly i got "Bus error" but that is maybe error in my code.

second my OpenCL/OpenGL interoperability in CPU mode work on my developer PC with phenom II 965 and radeon 5850. and it work even on ubuntu in virtualbox where it is software Mesa OpenGL hosted on MacBook.

but it fails on third laptop with nVidia GPU. i mean combination AMD OpenCL+ nVidia OpenGL. when both CL and GL is nVidia then it work. all my test was on Ubuntu.