SB700 register documentation question

Discussion created by prakashp on Feb 13, 2011
Documentation error or lack of knowledge?

I am playing around with the register documentation to unlock some features in my mobo: It is  Abit A-S78H with RS780/SB700 with proprietary bios.

My question targets the Azalia controller: According to the register documentation it says that the next caps pointer in the power management caps should be hardwired to point to the MSI caps. In my system this is not the case: The next caps pointer for the above is zero. So how can  a hard-wired value be overwritten? I tried to change it in the linux quirks code using pci_config_write_* but this didn't affect the value. So can the bios somehow change the value? Or is the spec wrong about this? I am a newbie concerning low-level/close-to-hardware programming, so if someone could shed some light, I would be thankful.