Call to dgesv/sgesv not returning expected result

Discussion created by NTDeveloper on Feb 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2011 by NTDeveloper

I'm quite new to using the ACML so I'm sure this can be chalked up to user error. I would appreciate some direction on what I'm doing wrong. All calls to either dgesv/sgesv return with the info parameter set to 2. Here is one such example:

int _ipiv;
int _info;
float A[4]; //2x2 identity matrix
A[0] = 1;
A[1] = 0;
A[2] = 0;
A[3] = 1;

float B[2];
B[0] = 1;
B[1] = 1;

::sgesv(2, 1, A, 2, &_ipiv, B, 2, &_info);
//Upon return, _info is set to 2