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    FirePro 2460 MV under WinXP (32)

      Is is possible to enable more than 2 monitors for the 2460 on WinXP?

      We had purchased the FirePro 2460 for a user running Windows 7 - everything worked well, he was happy with 3 monitors.

      Later, we ran into a compatibility issue with another app and Win7 - we were forced to roll the user back down to WinXP.  When we did this, we ran into the limitation of 2 monitors under XP.

      Is there a way around this limitation, either through undocumented edits, beta drivers, or 3rd Party software?  I know it's possible to have more than 2 screens using other vendor's hardware (Matrox), but AMD's offerings are better priced, better suited (half-height card for a small form factor workstation), and use industry standards (Mini Display Port instead of a propriatary dongle).

      Thank you!

        • FirePro 2460 MV under WinXP (32)

          Unfortunately this is a limitation of XP.  AMD does over the 2450 card that can support up to 4 displays with XP (it has two GPUs, so the XP limitation of 2 displays per GPU gives max of 4 outputs).


          Allen Bourgoyne

          Advanced Micro Devices

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