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    Crash with pointer in OpenGl


      I use an ATI graphics card with shader in OpenGl. I use the function glDrawArrays to draw points. But, at the next draw, when I refill the pointer with the new data, I got a crash:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      My program is created in .NET with Studio 2005. My graphics card is an ATI FireGl V5800. My OS is Windows 7 64bits.

      When trying with a nvidia geforce cards, I got no crash.


        • Crash with pointer in OpenGl

          Could you please send your project to me by frank.li@amd.com? Thanks.

            • Crash with pointer in OpenGl

              your using microsofts version of cpp and not the ANSI C99 Cpp extension get out while you can, use ANSI C99  and learn the STL language and use both with OpenGL you'll love it and see what I mean, it is definately worth the struggle and you will see all the errors disapear like magic, also you will be cross platform, test with netbeans cross compiler, I gave it a try and it is all good stuff, use glut although you may be fusturated at first and gult may not have the #ifdef Win32_API set in it you may have to fix up the glut header files a bit for netbeans.