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Discussion created by Meteorhead on Jan 30, 2011
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for the good of all

Dear those in charge!

There has been a rather heated argument about undocumentation of environmental variables used by the SDK in one of the multi-gpu topics. This was because of the unannounced introduction of the GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS variable from SDK 2.1 -> 2.2 .

Anyhow, we were told documentation was pointed out to be a little more verbose about this topic (as opposing from us having to grep strings out of the runtime library). Renaming the SDK to APP and updating all the docs:

would've been the perfect time to solve this issue. Please include a short sub-chapter with all the actual environmental variables and a short (one sentence) explanation of what that certain variable does. We are aware that these variables are mostly temporary, but they are vital to us developers.

We would appreciate if this would be a practice in all future SDKs also.

Best regards,