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Discussion created by JohnnyMnemo on Jan 29, 2011
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Hello from Russia!
My name is Evgeny. I have some problem, my videocard Powercolor 5870 PCS+  it did't work correctly with last AMD drivers (10.11, 10.12 and lastest 11.1). Problems are different  -  a dark or blue screen, hang with operation IE and Mozilla FireFox, wrong display 2D frequencies in CCC, with driver 11.1 for the first time there was a gray screen with black vertical bands. With driver 10.10 no problems are present. What to do any more I do not know... Cleaned the register, put the driver on pure system but the positive effect isn't present.

My config:
Windows 7 x64
Intel Q9550
Asus Maximus Formula (X38)
4x1Gb DDR2 Corsair Dominator PC-8500
Hiper 800W
3xHDD Sata2
X-FI soundcard
Powercolor HD 5870PCS+

I am moderator of Russian resource (the best in Russia technical support of ATI\AMD video cards), similar problems meet very often and not only with Powercolor, but also other vendors. What was the such made by AMD programmers? I hope that you will help me to establish the reason of dark blue \grey \black screens.
With best regards, Evgeny!