New Linux-64 Cat 11.1 /HD6970 / SDK2.3 Wavefront Control

Discussion created by bayoumi on Jan 27, 2011
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I have just downloaded the new Catalyist 11.1 on Linux 64b. It finally recognizes the HD6970.

I understand the SDk2.3 does not officially support Cayman, but I wanted to post some issues, to make sure they are looked at before new SDK upgrade or pre-SDK2.4 bug fixes.

OpenCL seems to be getting correct results, seems like improved DP performance. Here is the problem:

The SDK/Cat11.1 do not allow programmer control on wavefront size, which we used to have using the local threads input to clEnqueueNDRangeKernel. It does not make a difference in performance if I put locaLthreads NULL, 1,64 or 256.

Also, the kernel does not allow get_local_size(0) anymore to compile.

I sincerely  hope it will not be months till we see  fixes/upgrades