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    Two Suggetsions


      I have a couple of suggestions:

      !- I think the APP Forum & the OPenCL should be merged in one forum. In the end both firums use OpenCL, and I see the APP forum still mostly talks about GPUs!

      2- In situations wher a new hardware such as HD6970 is released, it will be useful to have a permanent link in the forum or teh SDK page telling us about compatability issues: e.g. There is no Linux driver yet ...


        • Two Suggetsions

          I'd like  to add one more wish:

          Full and honest description of known issues.

          • Two Suggetsions

            One more suggestion:

            Maybe AMD might consider sub-version releases with minor improvements or bug fixes or CVS-style tree, so we can see SDK2.3.x.y imporves rather than wait for months to see 2.4. Sometimes incremental improvements is the most robust way for a stable product (Intel for example has always been known to be the master of incremental "stable" changes).

            If we want this kit to be included in commercial products rather that just exploratory  R&D, then we should not assume that we can do some work, stay away for few months doing something else till the next SDK is released, then keep doing this for ever.

            There has been so many common issues which have not been solved for 2-3 SDKs, such as multi-gpus