Blue Screen, ati2dvag Infinite Loop

Discussion created by alfacrit on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by mominchowdhury
When coding Webservices dotNet VB or C#, BSOD, crashes sytem, infinite loop of video driver reported.

Using VS 2008 with all sp's and patches applied. Developing dotNet VB and dotNet C# Webservices Application under XP.

When running the applications in the debugger, with the  Internet Explorer front end, the system locks, then blue screens. This was with a high end ATI Radeon 3800 series graphics card.

Searching the web shows that many, many gamers have the same issues when merely playing video games

The video driver (latest releases) went into an infinite loop according to the error report. The ati2dvag.dll was blamed for the Radeon

Disabling hardware acceleration was recommended by Microsoft's error reporting system, also recommended was upgrading directX. I have the latest directX drivers installed, all applicable patches, etc.

Nobody seems to have a solution despite the widespread issue.

It happened on a new XP install as well.