X error on Ubuntu: stream sdk 2.3, Catalyst 10-12

Discussion created by rickgorton on Jan 21, 2011
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Unable to run any of the CAL/OpenCL examples

Ubuntu 10.04, a 5570 card, Phenom 2 cpu

Stream sdk 2.3, catalyst 10-12.

When I compile/run the CLInfo example, I get

X Error of failed request: .... major: 157, minor 19

I get the same error from the CAL example FindNumDevices.


I downloaded and installed the stream sdk and the catalyst driver today.

I can successfully run the catalyst control center, and have done aticonfig --initial --force (with reboot) a couple of times.

Prior to installing the stream sdk/driver, I did update my system to the latest set of patches, etc with the Ubuntu update manager.




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