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    LIBRARY REFERENCE: parameter description for function prototypes

      Is there a LIBRARY REFERENCE MANUAL besides acml.pdf?

      I am looking for something like Intel® Math Kernel Library Reference Manual



      Is there any documentation that explains the valid values and meaning of the parameters in ACML functions?

      For example, in the file dgesdd_c_example.c available in


      you can find the next call to dgesdd:

       /* Compute singular value decomposition of A */


      The header file acml.h contains the prototype:

      extern void dgesdd(char jobz, int m, int n, double *a, int lda, double *s, double *u, int ldu, double *vt, int ldvt, int *info);

      but, taking jobz as an example:

      • what is jobz for?
      • what values can it take? what do they mean?