Nvidia and AMD 6970 under LINUX ==> didn't get it to work - please help

Discussion created by diepchess on Jan 12, 2011
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So when i boot with the AMD 6970 as boot device (bios option by default) then everything works fine, except that of course the AMD 6970 also gets used by the OS. The OS is OpenSuse 11.2.

The hardware is AMD 8356 (16 cores) @ 4 sockets at an S4985 mainboard and a tad of RAM.


Built in videocard in mainboard is XGI20 from nvidia.


What i want to accomplish is have the OS run on the XGI20 and have the AMD 6970 completely 100% for gpgpu. 


After some time fiddling i accomplished to boot with the XGI20. 

I did do this by creating a file called xorg.conf in /etc/X11 and only allow the vesa driver for the XGI (later on using the sis driver is probably better). It doesn't work 100%, but now it boots the display at the XGI20.


Regrettably now AMD-CAL no longer works.


The error it gives: "There was an error opening the device 0"


With lspci (and being root) i figured out that the device ID from the ATI card is 6718 in this kernel (can be different kernel to kernel).


Basically lspci-v already shows the correct number behind 'Device'.

Running sample programs with -d 6718 gives the error:   

   "There was an error opening the device 6718"


How to get this to work?