Precompiled kernel doubts

Discussion created by bubu on Jan 11, 2011
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I'm considereing to precompile my kernels but I have several doubts. Pls, if you could answer them I'll be very thankful:


1. Can I execute a precompiled kernel for a Radeon 5750 into a 5870 or a 6970? Are the new cards respecting a backwards-compatible principle at just the cost of some speed?


2. Can I use the SKA tool to precompile the kernels or only via CL's functions? I like SKA because I can see the CAL code generated so I control better the # of registers used, ALU throughput, etc...


3. How much stable in the time will be the pre-compilation? Do you plan to change something in the drivers that could make my precompiled kernel invalid in the middle term?


4. How stable and reliable is the current pre-compilation implementation? I ask this because I've heard almost all the IHVs are having problems with this in their drivers.