Problem after change from 2.2 to 2.3

Discussion created by n.treutner on Jan 11, 2011
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Kernel produces wrong results

Hi There,

I've only reecntly switched from 2.2 to 2.3 and now parts of my code, that worked fine in 2.2 don't work anymore. i narrowed the problem (or at least one part of it) down to this kernel (attached), by checking the Buffers with the GDebugger.

What the kernel does, is: it compares to images (inputimage1 and 2) pixelwise. i initialize as many work-units as there are pixels (x, y) and then compare them over a window (X and Y), moving to the left of the image (with ww). the results for each comparison (so, variation of ww) are saved inside a 3d array, that actually is a normal array (dsi).

It appears, that the results, that are saved via

dsi[(x + y * width) * w_range + w_dsi] = sum0.w;

are the same inside each kernel (so the work-unit (x,y) writes 231678 to each field of the dsi, that it is supposed to write to), while they should change, since i change ww (via the for loop).

so i tried to find any changes in the handling of images and/or loops, but i couldn't find any relevant stuff.

i wonder if you guys have any idea, what is wrong.

__kernel void ssdkernel(__read_only image2d_t inputImage1, __read_only image2d_t inputImage2, __global float * dsi, __constant int * params, sampler_t imageSampler) { int x = get_global_id(0); int y = get_global_id(1); int width = get_global_size(0); int height = get_global_size(1); int k = (params[0] - 1)/2; int w = params[1]; int w_min = params[2]; int stepping = params[3]; int w_range = (w - w_min) / stepping; float4 diff0, sum0; //iterate over all disparities for (int ww = w_min, w_dsi = 0; ww < w; ww += stepping, w_dsi++) { diff0 = 0.0f; sum0 = 0.0f; //match the windows for(int Y = -k; Y <= k; Y=Y+1) { for(int X = -k; X <= k; X=X+1) { diff0 = read_imagef(inputImage1, imageSampler, (int2)(x + X, y + Y)) - read_imagef(inputImage2, imageSampler, (int2)(x + X - ww, y + Y)); sum0 += diff0 * diff0; } } sum0.w = sqrt(sum0.x * sum0.x + sum0.y * sum0.y + sum0.z * sum0.z); //compute the euclidian distance dsi[(x + y * width) * w_range + w_dsi] = sum0.w; } }