Help with OpenVideo Decode error message

Discussion created by ljbade on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by oxydius

I have been trying to create an OpenGL video decoder from scratch for the last month but have been having issue after issue with OpenVideo Decode.

I originally tried to decode the H264 bisttream uinsg the h264bitstream library, but that proved too difficult (the H264 spec is *really* hard to understand).

So I started again using FFmpeg which already has DXVA support code, and as OpenVideo Decode's data structures seems suspiciosuly similar to DXVA's it was a simple copy and paste job.

Tonight I also found for the first time the OpenVideo Decode sample on the Stream SDK sample page. (It must have been added only in the last few days as I checked not too long ago for an OVD sample). I suggest you add a note about the sample to the OpenVideo Decode documentation PDF in case people miss it.

Now I am trying to get it running in my test app.

However I am getting a failure back from OVDecodePicture which prints this error to the console:

clCreateVideoSessionAMD returned error -1102

-1102 is not a standard OpenCL error message, and I can't find any error codes documented in the PDF or headers so I don't have a clue what this means!

Could someone from the ATI Stream SDK team please tell me what this means and what I have done wrong?

Also where do I send bug reports about the OpenVideo Decode documentation, header files, libraries, etc. I have a long list that I have compiled so far...