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    Please provide documentation and source code sample using ovdecode library!




      for me is pretty extraordinary how AMD can ship a new library (OVD) saying:

      "Support for UVD video hardware component through OpenCL"

      without documentation exceptuating headers.. and also without a simple source code sample..

      Well let's compare to nvidia similar library cuvid.. they ship headers, documentation and source code

      sample using both ogl and dx interop..

      so what I ask is similar to cuvid for ovd i.e. ship documentation and sample using ogl and dx interop..

      ah and they support on linux also since cuda 3.2 so I would want also linux support if it's not much 


      to ask..

      well it has something better to cuvid namely that stereo profile seems is exposed so I ask is stereo 


      profile exposed in ovd working on uvd 3 hardware?


      Another finding  well ovd seems a simple wrapper around a opencl extension: cl_amd_open_video

      with following functions:


      clEnqueueRunVideoProgramAMD clGetVideoSessionInfoAMD    clReleaseVideoSessionAMD       clRetainVideoSessionAMD clCreateVideoSessionAMD 


      so why can't you document/expose this function directly and avoid using ovd and linking to another dll..



      Well I have from header inferred a simple test sample.. 

      but even before trying to use the meat of the library namely the  OVDecodePicture function which 


      requires more knowledge about codecs than I know it still fails to work..

      basically it fails in OVAcquireObject which seems to not like a object created like

      clCreateBuffer(cxGPUContext, CL_MEM_READ_WRITE, 1920*1080*4*16, NULL, &ciErr1)

      so what's the fail here is the size of the buffer?..

      also some of the release/destroy functions is returning an error seems..

      please help wanted..



      unsigned int num=2;

      ovdecode_device_info inf[10];

      OVresult res=false;

          res=OVDecodeGetDeviceInfo ( &num,   inf);

      printf("device %d ",num);

      char *frase[]={"","OVD_H264_BASELINE_41",

      "OVD_H264_MAIN_41", // H.264 bitstream acceleration main profile up to level 4.1

      "OVD_H264_HIGH_41", // H.264 bitstream acceleration high profile up to level 4.1

      "OVD_H264_BASELINE_51", // H.264 bitstream acceleration baseline profile up to level 5.1

      "OVD_H264_MAIN_51", // H.264 bitstream acceleration main profile up to level 5.1

      "OVD_H264_HIGH_51", // H.264 bitstream acceleration high profile up to level 5.1

      "OVD_H264_STEREO_HIGH", // H.264 bitstream acceleration stereo high profile

      "OVD_VC1_SIMPLE", // VC-1 bitstream acceleration simple profile

      "OVD_VC1_MAIN", // VC-1 bitstream acceleration main profile

      "OVD_VC1_ADVANCED", // VC-1 bitstream acceleration advanced profile}


      for(int i=0; i<num; i++)


      printf("device %d ",i);

      printf("max_decode_stream %d\n",inf.max_decode_stream);


      ovdecode_cap *caps=(ovdecode_cap *)malloc(sizeof(ovdecode_cap)*inf.decode_cap_size);



      res= OVDecodeGetDeviceCap (inf.device_id, inf.max_decode_stream, caps);

      for(int j=0; j<inf.max_decode_stream; j++)


      printf("%s ",frase[caps[j].profile]);



      case OVD_NV12_INTERLEAVED_AMD: printf("OVD_NV12_INTERLEAVED_AMD"); break; 

      case OVD_YV12_INTERLEAVED_AMD: printf("OVD_YV12_INTERLEAVED_AMD"); break;








      ov_handle h=OVCreateOVDHandleFromOPHandle(cmDevSrcA);


      ov_session ses=OVDecodeCreateSession (cxGPUContext/*:cpPlatform*/, inf.device_id, 


      OVD_H264_HIGH_41, OVD_NV12_INTERLEAVED_AMD, 1920, 1080);


      cmDevSrcA = clCreateBuffer(cxGPUContext, CL_MEM_READ_WRITE, 1920*1080*4*16, NULL, &ciErr1);

          if (ciErr1 != CL_SUCCESS)


              shrLog("Error in clCreateBuffer, Line %u in file %s !!!\n\n", __LINE__, __FILE__);




      res=OVAcquireObject(ses, 1, &h, 0, NULL, NULL);


      /*res= OVDecodePicture (ses, ovd_picture_parameter  *picture_parameter_1,

              void                   *picture_parameter_2,

              unsigned int            picture_parameter_2_size,

              ovd_bitstream_data     *bitstream_data,

              unsigned int            bitstream_data_size,

              ovd_slice_data_control *slice_data_control,

              unsigned int            slice_data_control_size,

              h, NULL, NULL, NULL, picture_id);*/

       res=OVReleaseObject(ses,1, &h, 0, NULL, NULL);

       res=OVReleaseOVDHandle ( h);

       res=OVDecodeDestroySession (ses);