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    Problem driver on my sapphire amd 6970


      Hi, I'm having problems installing the new driver AMD Catalyst 10.12 on my sapphire amd 6970. If I install Catalyst_10.12_CCC2_Preview_Win7_Dec7.exe gives the following error

      But if I use amd_win7_vista_radeon_hd6900_8.79.6.2rc3_dec16, (supposedly the last driver released, 10.12a), install correctly but i cant see the new Catalyst Control Center™2, i see the old skin of ccc, and also in the information center is listed as 10.11, when it would have to say 10.12a:

      someone else has reported these things?is there any solution to install the version 10.12 and see the ccc 2 in this video card? I have to wait to take out drivers specifically for the AMD 6970?

      just in case I have windows seven 64-bit and latest version of framework

      I await your comments,

      Greetings from Argentine and Happy Holidays