Ubuntu 10.10 issue with ATi 5650 Driver

Discussion created by TweFoju on Dec 25, 2010


I have a problem with my ATi 5650 driver on uBuntu 10.10


so i own a HP Pavilion DV6Z Laptop with AMD Phenom II X4 N930 also ATi 5650

i went and install the latest Catalyst HD5xxx series Driver for Linux 64bit

but the Catalyst still reads the HD 4200 ( which is the Onboard )


how do i make the Catalyst reads my 5650 instead of 4200?


the Problem with HP ( and some other laptops ) is that, they Locked the BIOS


so i cannot turn off the Onboard GPU


i really really need help on this, because having the 5650 sitting Idle is such a waste, and HD Movies are a pain to watch!


i hope i post in the right forum section


thanks alot, have a Merry Christmas to you all!