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    Quad buffer stereoscopic programming



      I'm searching for a powerfull graphic card that can be used for a stereoscopic application.

      Does anybody know if the HD5000 or HD6000 series cards can be used for this?

      I know for OpenGL this means the card and driver should support the quad buffer feature. If this is not possible, does it support some equivalent feature using DirexctX?

      I searched the forum but could not find information about this.


        • Quad buffer stereoscopic programming

          The OpenGL stereo feature is only supported on workstation card right now.

          • Quad buffer stereoscopic programming


            I recently bought an HP Envy 17 3D laptop with mobility Radeon 5850 and active stereo display (120 Hz with shutter glasses). Stereo works in Win 7 64bit only with directx in full screen mode using the Tridef DDD driver extension. This is not useful for me, since the apps I need to use in stereo (modelular modeling) require openGL, which is not supported by the driver (and the alternative driver provider IZ3D stopped supporting openGL as well).

            I hoped that quad buffered stereo would work in linux with the 5850m. In Ubuntu 10.10 (2.6.35) xorg.conf, I enabled options "stereo" and "StereoSyncEnable" and disabled "VideoOverlay" and "openGLOverlay".

            However, active stereo doesn't work and in Xorg.0.log I get

            [    16.093] (WW) fglrx(0): Option "VideoOverlay" is not used
            [    16.093] (WW) fglrx(0): Option "Stereo" is not used
            [    16.093] (WW) fglrx(0): Option "StereoSyncEnable" is not used

            Does this mean the driver does not support stereo?
            I am using the latest Catalyst 10.12 (driver packaging version 8.801-101125a-109596C-ATI). Hardware-accelerated non-stereo openGL works fine otherwise.

              • Quad buffer stereoscopic programming

                stereo is supported only on Fire professional cards. all this 3D rendering is crap for me. they (both nVidia and AMD) don't want expose Quad buffer rendering to consumer cards. instead they hack games to provide stereo rendering. which introduce load of render artefacts.

                you want quad buffer rendering? go buy proffesional card.

                  • Quad buffer stereoscopic programming

                    I have got a FireGL v7200 running on Windows Vista 64 bit.

                    I want to enable the GL Quad Buffer to see stereoscopic images in a Optoma projector (120Hz) with DLP Link. The projector sends the synchronisation data to the active glasses, so I don't need to use the Stereographics Connection of the video card.

                    I am not able to activate the Quad Buffer. According to the help file, this option should appear in the Workstation entry of the menu. However, this entry does not appear when using the last drivers, 8.583.

                    When using some older drivers (8.453.1.3) the Workstation entry appears, but it has only two options: 10 bit .... and mixing the buffers among screens, but nothing about stereo or Quad Buffer.

                    The manual of the video card says that I should activate the Quad Buffer stereo in the Advanced Settings tab on the Display Properties. But I haven't found it either.