Out of Resources - 212 MB free memory

Discussion created by steveh_ol on Dec 19, 2010
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I get an out of resources with only 300mb of 512mb used


I am currently trying to implement some algorithms for different image operatios. OS: Ubuntu 10.10, Catalyst Version: 10.11

Everything seems to work fine, if the images are small enough. If I use HD-Images (1920*1080), I get an out of resources error when enqueueing the kernel. I thought maybe the memory of my graphicscard was'nt big enough, so I summed up all the buffersizes and the result was 300 mb.My HD 4770 has 512 mb of memory, so this should not be a problem, should it?

As the number of global threads used is imagewidth*imageheight, I thought this number might be too huge, so I set it to a constant number (128) for test reasons, but I still get the error. This leads me to the conclusion, that the memory-size is the problem.

Is there any way to find out, what is using the >212 mb of memory?

Is there any way to keep whatever is using the memory from using it?


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Using CLInfo from the opencl-samples, I just found out, that the "Global Memory Size" of my card is just 268435456 which is 256 MB. This seems very strange as even catalyst control center says that the memorysize of my 4770 was 512 MB. Is this a driver issue, or is it usual, that opencl can only use half of the available space.