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    fglrx support for hybrid gpu


      I am trying to use the ATI Catalyst SDK 10.12 (fglrx) on a Ubuntu 10.10 environment. My laptop has an integrated Intel HD Graphics as well as a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450.

      After installing the ATI SDK the computer crashes after reboot and I am only able to load X after deleting the generated xorg.conf file.

      Ubuntu 10.10 comes with a utlity called vga_switcheroo to be able to control wich GPU to use (as explained here: http://asusm51ta-with-linux.blogspot.com/).

      After reading several posts with similar problems, it seems like fglrx drivers doesn't support hybrid GPU's configurations.

      So my question is if this is indeed the case or if it has more to do with the BIOS settings (my laptop doesn't allow me to switch off the integrated GPU).


        • fglrx support for hybrid gpu

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          Yep no support from for switchable chips under linux see http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Features.

          I have a AMD Phenom HP laptop with an ATI 4200 and an ATI 5650 and the fglrx drivers cannot be switched. If you dig around you will see that someone forced the drivers to switch, but it failled due to the driver picking up the wrong BIOS ROM.

          An alternative approach is to use the ACPI to set the device type at boot using the ACPI _SPD method – at least I think thats the theory. However according to my DSDT.dsl my cards do not have this method. If you haven't done so already have a search on DSDT.dsl and on ACPispec. Also, you have probably read this it contains some useful info on sending ACPI commands.


          In other news... the open source drivers can be switched, but I the performance I got from the 5650 was quite poor.

          As this is closed source we can do little else than hope AMD ATI decide to beat the competition to be the first to support switchable graphics in linux. As you can see so far no one from AMD ATI has even mentioned that they are even considering looking into this.