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    Binary Image Format

      SDK 2.3

      Hi guys,

      what kind of format is added ? Can we read 24bits depth buffer now ?

        • Binary Image Format

          Does this provide a way to hand-tune IL? It seems that it may be possible, if quite hacky to do.

            • Binary Image Format

              from OpenCL programing guide

              OpenCL Binary Image Format (BIF) 2.0 is in the ELF format. BIF2.0 allows the
              OpenCL binary to contain OpenCL source program, the LLVM IR, AMD IL, and
              the executable (ISA). The BIF defines three special sections:
              • .source: for storing the OpenCL source program.
              • .llvmir: for storing the OpenCL immediate representation (LLVM IR).
              • .amdil: for storing the AMD IL that is generated from the OpenCL source
              The executable (ISA) is stored in the ELF special section .text.