CLGL Interop - Acquire/Release GLObjects takes too long

Discussion created by douglas125 on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by nou
clAcquireGLObjects seems to take more time than it should on ATI cards



I'm using Win7 and Radeon 5770 to do some drawings using the CLGL interop. I have a question, however. The kernel execution time is very low but the clAcquire/ReleaseGLObjects takes a long time and even freezes the application.

When I run the same code using a Quadro 5800 card and WinXP 64 bits, there's no such thing, the Acquire/ReleaseGLObjects runs in no time (practically).


So I'm given to assume that this has to do with either my GPU or the current OpenCL implementation, correct? How should I solve the problem?


If you want the source code for a case study, here is the link: