I Can't Use ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set to set gpu clock

Discussion created by amanda_lee on Dec 16, 2010
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I use the function ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set to set my gpu clok,butit not work,this is my source code,please give me a favor to find the current way.thk's.

ADL_DISPLAY_ODCLOCKCONFIG_SET ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set; ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set = (ADL_DISPLAY_ODCLOCKCONFIG_SET)GetProcAddress(hDLL,"ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set"); ADLAdapterODClockConfig lpADLAdapterODClockConfig; lpADLAdapterODClockConfig.iEngineClock=70000; lpADLAdapterODClockConfig.iMemoryClock=105000; // Restore the current brightness of the display ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set(0, (ADLAdapterODClockConfig*)&lpADLAdapterODClockConfig); Sleep( 500 );