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    I Can't Use ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set to set gpu clock



      I use the function ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set to set my gpu clok,butit not work,this is my source code,please give me a favor to find the current way.thk's.

      ADL_DISPLAY_ODCLOCKCONFIG_SET ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set; ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set = (ADL_DISPLAY_ODCLOCKCONFIG_SET)GetProcAddress(hDLL,"ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set"); ADLAdapterODClockConfig lpADLAdapterODClockConfig; lpADLAdapterODClockConfig.iEngineClock=70000; lpADLAdapterODClockConfig.iMemoryClock=105000; // Restore the current brightness of the display ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set(0, (ADLAdapterODClockConfig*)&lpADLAdapterODClockConfig); Sleep( 500 );

        • I Can't Use ADL_Display_ODClockConfig_Set to set gpu clock

          Such a short code segment is not useful.


          Did you call all of the appropriate initialization functions?

          Did you use the Get call after to determine whether the values actually were accepted by the Driver?  After all, setting the clocks really means putting values into the table entry corresponding to the Max GPU Usage state, and thus the clocks only get used when the GPU is real busy (such as when playing a game).