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    Dual ATI FirePro on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL

      Using 2 ATI FirePro V7800 on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL

      My colleague just did a writeup of the setup he figured out to use two ATI FirePro V7800 GPUs as OpenCL devices on a Ubuntu 10.4 machine in our Visualization lab at Florida State University:


      It wasn't a completely simple matter, hopefully it helps someone else trying to do something similar



        • Dual ATI FirePro on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL

          Our config right now allows the mouse to move off screen into the second X session. The way to prevent this is to setup a MultiSeat configuration. I have not perfected that yet, so anyone who is interested in helping out can get started with this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX


            • Dual ATI FirePro on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL

              why is that second xserver? there are configurations that use one xserver for two or three GPU.

              and if you use same user to SSH login and Xsession login then no patch is needed. just export DISPLAY in SSH session.

                • Dual ATI FirePro on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL


                  The second GPU has a separate X session from the first because we do not enable Xinerama. We only have one monitor on the workstation. Right now it is only one Xserver which opens two Xsessions for the displays, but if we had two Xservers running independently the mouse can be constrained to the monitor. 

                  The patch is still required to add the "-ac" flag to the Xserver launch parameters and disable access control so non-power users can access the GPUs via SSH. That is to say: any user can access the GPUs even when no user has logged into the console of the machine. Also, if a user has logged into the console, all other users can continue to use the GPUs.