OpenGL: mipmap uploading order

Discussion created by Yandersen on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by pboudier

Hello, everybody! I have a question concerning mipmapping. I use OpenGL and load textures' mipmaps (which are stored in some magic file format) manually using glTexImage2D for each of mipmaps. It is guaranteed that my magic file contains all required levels of mipmaps, and their dimensions follow the rules of half-size reduction. Howhether, the problem is that all those images are stored in file in reverse order - from smallest image (mipmap level n) to the largest (base image, level 0). But I do not want to seek through file searching for appropriate mipmap to reverse order of uploading if it is not necessary - I just want to load them in order, in which they are stored in file - starting from highest level (level n, 1x1 dimensions). The question is: is this approach of reverse order of mipmap uploading legal? It does work on my configuration, but can I be sure about other implementations?